The Natick Brand Goes Global: Indonesian Education Ministry Visits NHS

September 17, 2013

The Education Policy Workshop (EPW) is a one-week visit to the US that will provide high-level representatives of the Government of Indonesia (as well as representatives from the United States Agency for International Development, the Research Triangle Institute, Inc., and EDC) the opportunity to (1) meet program (PRIORITAS) implementation partners to learn, first hand, about the range of services, expertise, and strategies available to best meet program objectives, and (2) visit various educational sites to observe effective practices in teacher education, and to discuss key strategies and program priorities with education experts and officials in the US. The study tour will take place from September 15-21, 2013 in Boston and Washington.  PRIORITAS is the acronym for Prioritizing Reform, Innovation, and Opportunities for Reaching Indonesia’s Teachers, Administrators, and Students and is the Bahasa Indonesian word for “priority.”

As a result of this workshop, visitors will have:
• Explored and investigated models, initiatives and policies around teacher inservice and pre-service education and teacher quality
• Observed classroom-based best practices and innovative approaches in using
technology to support learner-centered approaches (active learning)
• Engaged with colleagues/US counterparts to discuss best practices and
strategies for aligning education policy with implementation for education
reform efforts.

The group began their visit with the usual Boston tourism destinations and then moved on to Harvard University to discuss Key Issues and Promising Approaches in Education Reform: The Massachusetts Experience (Dr. Paul Reville, Harvard Graduate School of Education).  Thereafter they moved on to visit Boston College to participate in a Panel Discussion: University-School Partnerships (Boston College, St. Columbkille Partnership School Representatives) a visit with the Rennie Center at Boston College and a visit to MIT Teaching & Learning Lab  to discuss the Future of Higher Education and Teacher Training Around the World.

The Indonesian Education Ministry was interested in Natick’s use of professional learning communities and technology to push education reform in the system.   Ms. Bertucci gave tours and an address on the history and values of NHS and Ms. Nolin discussed the use of professional learning communities as a teacher support device and a way to maximize the investment of technology use in schools.  Irwan, an Indonesian college education professor working for the Ministry, amazed that Ms. Nolin visit classrooms in the school system each day stated, “Ms. Nolin, what you are telling us is to get out of our offices and watch teachers teaching and talk to them directly about learning and that is the key to effective reform and teacher training.”  If that is the message our Indonesian guests take back to their country, they will be well served!  Next week:  The Dutch Ministry of Education visits.

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