The Natick Brand Goes Global: A Visit From the Dutch Ministry of Education


  This past week, head officials from the ministry of Education in The Netherlands also visited Natick High School.  On a mission with the varied and numerous division heads within their departments, the Dutch visitors were sent to Natick by the Massachusetts Department Of Education’s Luis Rodriguez–a member of the Educational Technology Advisory Board.  The visiting group included 5 men from various parts of the ministry, including the Inspecteur, the equivalent of the assistant commissioner of education. 

Officials from the Ministry of Education visit NHS Adobe/Web Design Teacher, Lori Cullen, whose students regularly work for companies updating and designing their web pages.




The group was researching effective models of education using technology to transform instruction.  After spending the day with Ms. Nolin, Ms. Bertucci, Mr. Roch and Ms. Magley, all leaders within the Natick system, Ms. Nolin was presented with a custom scarf of the Dutch Ministry of Education.  Dr. Sanchioni will visit their schools and ministry later this year to explore their educational models.  The Dutch group also shared a common focus on anti-bullying and bias education with a focus on inclusive culture and curriculum. 


            Natick’s reputation for technology-enhanced instruction and high-functioning team work in pursuit of high-quality instruction and support for students has gone “global!”


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