Starting the Year: Vision, Mission and The Work of the Natick Public Schools

Opening Day:  First Day Back with Staff

Listen to/Watch the updates to staff on Department of Education expectations, new evaluation needs, and work for the system to continue to be the best it can be for our students.  Speakers include Superintendent, Dr. Peter Sanchioni, School Committee Chair, Dirk Coburn, Head of Natick Education Foundation, Rosemary Driscoll, and Assistant Superintendent, Anna Nolin, Director of Online Learning, Grace Magley, and Director of Technology, Dennis Roche.  Check out NHS staffers, Zach Galvin and Margaret Hagemeister who hosted the event!

Ms. Nolin has also posted the update of Phase I of her entry planning process (a process required of all new administrators in their first 90 days of work in the role).  Updated strategic planning and visioning documents are forthcoming throughout the winter and spring.

Entry Plan Overview

Making Sense of the Work Underway

Strategic Planning Framework


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