Natick High School Library Author visit – Via Skype!

by Library Media Assistant, Irene Carrick, NHS

The Natick High School Library was so privileged to host another author visit. Last month, best selling Young Adult author and Newton native, Leila Sales Skyped into the library and spoke with Camille Napier-Bernstein’s creative writing class about what it is like being an author, the writing process and her job as an editor at Penguin Books in New York City. Leila is in her mid twenties and easily related to our students. The students came prepared for the visit and had many great questions, and had read Leila’s blogs and online writing.

Leila has just had her new book This Song Will Save Your Life, released to amazing reviews and is already a best seller. Tara and I have read This Song Will Save Your Lifeand highly recommend it.  She has written two other YA (young adult) books,  Mostly Good Girls and Past Perfect, both best sellers. This author visit was especially important to Tara as Leila was a gymnast of hers for many years.

Not only is she a terrific writer but she is a fabulous person who is a great role model for the students at Natick High School.  The students loved it and I overheard one of them saying “this is so cool”….which we don’t hear every day from our teens!

Her advice on writing and the writing life was so practical and easy to relate to.  I know the juniors and seniors in the class were especially listening to her college experiences and taking note that she didn’t major in English and still became a writer of YA novels.  The fact that she is working a day job as an editor at Penguin Books in NYC and writing at night on her own time is good advice for anyone and inspiring to young students. I personally liked hearing her tell them that she puts her cell phone away while she’s writing so she doesn’t get distracted and that she sets aside one night a week to write and nothing else. Good advice for anything you want to pursue in a serious way!


What are your thoughts?

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