The Exponential Growth of the Wilson Math Team

By Matthew Walak and Kevin Zheng, Grade 8 Students at Wilson Middle School

Note from Ms. Nolin:  These young leader mathletes have worked hard to make the WMS team successful and to make math team the “place to be.”  The success of the team–being long-time top performer, Meadowbrook is due to the expertise and dedication of the two teachers, Ms. Randall and Ms. Roth.  It is my pleasure to celebrate them all!

Way back when, when the universe was still young, and when Mr.Lovely still played on the Canadian Football League (inside joke), there was a small club, run by Ms.Randall and Mrs.Roth who were very passionate about math. This club was called the Math Team. This team of 10 people was not a happy sight. They were tired of being there, and had no reason to stay. Not only was it small and unhappy, but it was hidden from the rest of the school. People ridiculed the group, calling them the “Nerd Herd”, or the “Geek Squad.”

But the team grabbed the attention of fifth grader Noah Joseph. He competed alongside other grades, and built great relationships with others. Then, the strange phenomenon of word of mouth happened, and more people came to the club. Soon, the club grew to 15 people, and its influence changed the Intermediate Math League of Eastern Massachusetts’ rules by allowing fifth graders to compete with everyone. This change in legislation got a mass of fifth graders, eagerly competing and motivating the others to do better. During this time, the famous math team announcement (branded and performed each day on the a.m. announcements) was created. In 2011, the official math team announcers, Christina Mangano and Alexia Kovatis, thought up the most brilliant line of words, that became the household figure in announcements at Wilson. “Math! Math! Math! Attention math team!” The announcement was known throughout the school. Everyone would chant along with the announcement during homeroom in the morning. “Math, math, math!” The call of the nerd. By then though, we didn’t mind being called that. We held that title with pride, knowing that nerds were the best type of people in the world. We practiced hard, and the hard work payed off. We continued to perform better and better at our meets. 2012 came around, and by then we had enough mathletes to make two full teams to enter into competition. The announcements continued to come, and the math team continued to improve. Our scores got better and better as the year went on. So much so, that by the end of the year we had moved up to a whole new Division of competition.  As the 2013 year swung around, the math team hit the ground running with competitions. We finally placed higher than our rival, Meadowbrook, and things are looking good for the rest of the year. Never at the beginning of math team would we ever think we would come this far, and hopefully, the math team will continue to grow and improve in the years to come.

“Why did the chicken cross the mobius strip? To get to the same side!” Only in math team you would hear this. The Wilson Middle School math team still remains a safe haven for geeks, nerds, and math lovers school wide, and will continue to be a place for people who want to learn more. As our standard farewell on the announcement goes, Go math team! You can count on us!

 Goodness, I love these kids!


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