Hour of Code–At Wilson Middle School, By Middle School Girls

By: Carrie Sweeney and Ali Chalmers

“Don’t just buy a new video game- make one. Don’t just download the latest app- help design it. Don’t just play on your phone- program it.” Even the president of the United States of America agrees; technology is shaping our future, and we need to be a part of the change. On Thursday, December 12th, the 8th graders of Wilson Middle School embarked on a program that was just recently launched. During the period of FLEX, teachers gave their students the opportunity to explore the brand-new “Hour of Code”, which is a program now running that gives the opportunity to teach students, worldwide, about computer science for just one hour a day. However, this program is not just for students. Anybody, at any age can take part in it. And the greatest feature about it is that you are given the option of continuing for more or less than an hour, and are able stop and start the process at any time. The goal of this program is to give students the power to create the “technology of the future”- not just use it. This introductory curriculum can give people a jump-start into the world of computer mechanics, and teach them how the tools they use on a daily basis actually function. Computer mechanics is one of the most high-paying, in-demand occupations currently out there. Thus, within sixty minutes, this program teaches the basics on how to “code”. Just walking users through simple tasks like creating shapes, eventually a series of commands developed that the computer would perform. Suddenly, the programing world leveled to human capability! After students attained enough information on the foundation of coding, they were given the freedom to create practically anything imaginable.   Many were awestruck by how easy it was as well as how attentively the electronics responded to one’s own fingertips. As young adults, it was interesting to be introduced to what could become the norm of our future. Aside from the learning aspect that was taken out of the experience, the Hour of Code was enjoyable as well! Our world is changing fast, electronics are influencing more and more of our culture. With the Hour of Code everyone is able to gain computer smarts! “No one’s born a computer scientist. But with a little hard work…just about anyone can become one.” (-President Barack Obama)


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