Hour of Code: NHS in Ms. Cullen’s Class (by her students)


By Matt Desjardin and Alex Quilty


Media Arts

NHS Web Design Program & iPad Publishing

In honor of Computer Science Education week, students at Natick High School and around the world participated in the “Hour of Code.” We had over 80 students participated in the event working with all sorts of computer coding tutorials and programs. According to code.org “9 out of 10 schools do not offer computer programming.” Natick High School is one of the 120 schools in Massachusetts that offers a large variety of courses that involve computer programming. From classes that involve the use of HTML to learning Javascript, all of these courses are a great opportunity to learn some source of coding. As computer code is the backbone for all our programs, games and electronic devices. By teaching code to students of all ages, it creates the potential for new opportunities in the technological world.


During the “Hour of Code” at NHS students from all types of technology classes such as Web Design, iPad Publishing, Game Design and Intro to Animation as well as students that were not involved in those classes participated in this event. Students were able to work at their own pace and do what they wanted. We were also able to experiment with different websites and create elements like interactive greeting cards, games or small animations. Different students worked with many levels of difficulty in terms of the code and worked with what they felt comfortable doing. The website that was provided had a wide range of selection of difficulty from children as young as eight all the way up through high school and beyond. For some students it was best to work with a lower level program, even the teachers were saying that the high school level coding activities were difficult for them. Participating in the “Hour of Code” was a fun learning experience. People could know little to nothing about HTML or Javascript and still create interactive and dynamic projects. Students find themselves using social media networks like FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram that incorporate all sorts of coding. But they do not necessarily know how these programs actually work. Which is why teaching students code and doing the “Hour of Code” is important and allows students to see how they function.


In conclusion, the “Hour of Code” was a great way to bring more awareness to the Worldwide Web and what is behind every website, game, tweet, FaceBook post and so much more that has become available to anyone with any piece of technology. This will help people prepare and understand the growing world of technology and can potentially use this knowledge to create programs of their own in the future.


What are your thoughts?

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