Natick Arts Extravaganza!

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Come experience and celebrate the artwork of Natick Public School students at Natick’s second annual, Art Extravaganza on Thursday, March 27th from 5 to 9pm at Natick High School. The Extravaganza will showcase work from all the art disciplines: Choir, Band, Media Arts, Theatre, and Visual Arts. Works will represent each grade level (elementary – high school) and all eight schools (Bennett-Hemenway, Brown, Johnson, Lilja, Memorial, Kennedy, Wilson, and the new high school). The evening is designed to illustrate the importance of the arts in our schools and celebrate the work of our students.

The event will begin at 5 with a reception int the library for the Middle School / High School Art Show. Performances begin at 6pm in the auditorium: a combined musical number including all the choirs showcased that evening. After the combined musical piece multiple events will run simultaneously until the evening’s close by 9pm.

The evening will feature: a 

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