Letter from a parent about student organic use of technology…..

This letter from a middle and high school mother graced my inbox this week and I thought it was a “slice of life” perspective on the technology use and teaching in the Natick Public Schools.


Good morning Pioneers of Technology in Education,

Yesterday, I arrived home after work to a kitchen full of 7th grade girls making “edible” cookie dough.  They had done a google search to find a recipe that would be safe to eat raw (no eggs, no baking soda).  As I sampled their fixin’s, they respectfully requested that I buy more ingredients for a cool baking idea they found on YouTube.  
Later last night, my daughter was the only one of our kids at home.  In an attempt to spend some special time with her, I succumbed to a drinking straw, hair curling technique she had learned via YouTube.  The end result looks like an Irish Step Dancer “do,” but the special time was worth it.
While my daughter was curling my hair, she asked if I wanted to watch a video. Since she is in 7th grade, I was assuming it would be a music video or another baking or beauty clip.  Turns out it was a 48 Hours news magazine special on a con-artist named Clark Rockefeller.  She had overheard an adult talking about Clark, who prefers the label “confabulator” versus con-artist.  The word struck her so she wrote it down on the Notes page in her phone, looked him up when she got home and stumbled on the 48 Hours special about him.
It is very gratifying to see confident, purposeful uses of technology in a middle school student.  I can only imagine what she and the other kids in her grade will be doing in the next few years with teachers supported by your vision guiding them along the way.
Thanks for all you do.

What are your thoughts?

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