Memorial Day Curriculum Matters

This just in from NHS English teacher, Camille Napier-Bernstein

In conjunction with reading Walter Dean Myers’ Iraq war novel Sunrise Over Fallujah,

her English classes created found poems* based on newspaper articles about veterans.
​​Almost 30 of the poems, along with photographs from the original articles, are on display in the Natick High School Library for Memorial Day​.

Come see them!BIG THANKS to Irene Carrick, who arranged all of the poems and photos in the NHS library.​ 

The poems are also hosted here:

​*​Found poems are created by taking snippets of an original text, then rearranging and adding to them to create a new work.  A number of students had never written poetry before, and others didn’t consider themselves “any good at that poetry stuff,” so they found the technique a comfortable way to express themselves and show their respect for our country’s servicemen and -women.


What are your thoughts?

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