Brown School Grade 4 Biography Wax Museum–A Delight!

Friday, the Brown School 4th grade teaching team of Angelina Gagne, Patti Luke, Kristina Forzaglia, Michael Kelly hosted the annual Brown Biography Wax Museum where students researched key figures from history around which to create projects and speeches to give to each museum visitor.  Relative to Common Core State Standards (CCSS), our national curriculum, the project helped students to master expected research, writing, listening and speaking skills.  Here’s a few snapshots from the day.

First, the teachers who made this event possible:


Here’s Terrell Jeanlys as Haitian Leader, Toussaint Louverture.


Check out Sarah Dorey as Juliette Low, Founder of the Girl Scouts.  Image

And finally, you know this woman, Mother Theresa, expertly portrayed by Therese Heim


All 100 students were expertly prepared, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable!  What a treat and a tribute to Natick education!




What are your thoughts?

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