Natick Students Infiltrate White House (for Honors and Praise ;)

The Natick High School Lemelson MIT InvenTeam was represented by two of its members, senior Katelyn Sweeney and junior Olivia Van Amsterdam, at the 2014 White House Science Fair this week. The students demonstrated the team’s Ice Search and Recoverysystem to President Obama, Bill Nye, Dean Kamen, and other notable scientists and dignitaries. In April, the team filed a patent to protect the intellectual properties of their work with any possible income being directed towards the Natick Public Schools STEM initiatives. The students are in the process of forming a board of directors to help oversee the distribution of possible funds.  

Please take a few minutes to check out the team at the 
Fair being recognized by the President! 
(You can find Katelyn and Olivia at 9:45 in the video.)

1 thought on “Natick Students Infiltrate White House (for Honors and Praise ;)”

  1. My office colleagues and I are suitably awed!

    Paul Laurent Natick School Committee Sent from my iPad


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