Help the Natick GSA get on Ellen!

Dear Natick Public Schools Community,

The Natick High School GSA is starting a movement (that we hope will go worldwide, or at least nationwide) called “Tolerate to Celebrate…Make the Move”. We made a PSA about it and are hoping to get on the TV show Ellen.

We are reaching out to you to ask you to join the movement! Help us change the conversation from tolerating our differences, to celebrating them. Spread the word!

Here’s the link to the video:

Also, if you have any connections to TV shows such as Ellen, Good Morning America, The Today Show, CBS This Morning, or local/national media of any kind, let us know. We are really trying to CHANGE THE WORLD with this campaign, and we believe we can. We just need the media exposure!

We still have some t-shirts for sale. Email Amanda Egan to see what sizes/colors are left! Keep checking the website for updates on how to get more involved with the movement!

We want to thank everyone involved in making this happen, especially Marge Roberson who let us use the studio to film and did the filming of the students in Kate’s classroom.


Amanda Egan and Kate Ryan Milkosky


What are your thoughts?

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