Your Kids Go to School Here!

Natick Schools are Back and Thriving

On Monday we welcomed back over 600 staff members summer style in the state of the art high school auditorium, and although I left a little wet due to the ice bucket challenge (thanks Zach Galvin), it was evident our talented staff was ready to go. On Wednesday we welcomed 5443 students to our nine schools. In my visits to our schools (Wednesday – Friday) I witnessed exceptionally clean facilities, (thank you custodians and maintenance crew) class lists, schedules and procedures all organized, (thank you administrative assistants) orderly drop-off and dismissal procedures, effective master schedules and well-prepared educators, (thank you principals) and, effective instruction being delivered in a caring environment (thank you teachers and support personnel).

You can’t have a good year without a great beginning and that has been achieved. The icing on the cake was on Wednesday when Boston Magazine announced the top 50 high schools in Massachusetts – Natick High School – #38. I expect we will see many more successes in the next 177 days.

Below is the link to the video we showed at the end of our opening day meeting honoring our staff.

• Thank you to everyone who donated to the ice bucket challenge.

From: Dr. Peter Sanchioni


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