Moodle for Parents is Here!

Moodle for Parents is here! 

There is a new and easy way for parents to access moodle course content (online virtual classroom sites for teachers) which do not require a passwords for each course they wish to review.  The Moodle for Parents logins will provide sufficient access to Moodle coursework but also protect the privacy of our students and secure copyrighted information behind a username and password.

How the Moodle for Parents Logins Work

The new logins for parents give access by school.  For example, if a parent has a student at Brown Elementary, the parent would use the Brown parent login.  This login will drop the user on to the homepage for Brown Elementary School courses.

  If parents click on any of the courses, they are allowed to see the course content but with restricted guest parent access. There is also a Moodle course just for parents – called Moodle for Parents.   It explains a bit about Moodle and how to find specific courses if it is not obvious how to find the course.  Here is the direct link to the Moodle for Parents course – there are screenshots and information about how to find your way around Moodle:

(Use the parent logins to visit the Moodle for Parents course)

Additionally, if a parent goes to the school website and clicks on the direct link to the Moodle course found next to a teacher’s name  (if it has been updated by the school), the parent will be prompted to login. Once logged in, they are placed directly into the teacher’s course. By next fall, all teachers in the school system will have live Moodle Pages.

What does a Moodle for Parent Login see:

Resources : All resources that a teacher has not restricted access to via a group will be visible to a parent.  This includes any links shared to Google docs, websites and other application used within the classroom. Resources are pages, links, documents, books, folders and labels.

Activities : the Moodle for Parents login will be able to see that an activity exists in the course.   However, when using this login, they are not allowed to participate in any of the activities.   For example, if there is an assignment, the parent will be able to click on the assignment and see the assignment details that the teacher has included.  However, the Moodle for Parents login will not show the “Add Submission” button which is a student tool.

Some activities, such as quizzes and forums, will immediately restrict access.  The parent will see a message:
Sorry, but you do not currently have permissions to do that (View quiz information)
You do not have the permission to view discussions in this forum

Blocks : If you use a block to post agenda or extra help hours, these blocks will be visible unless restricted by a group.

General account settings : The ability to view student and staff pictures, send messages and change password has been removed from these parent logins.  Any student submitted work is not viewable unless it is open when linking to a shared document in Google Drive or other application.

Please know that if teachers have a link on their moodle course page that links to copyrighted material, parents may be able to see this material.   This is why we are using a login instead of allowing direct guest access to all courses without requiring a username and password.

Moodle for Parents usernames and passwords for each school

Username / password

  • benhem / bobcats
  • brown / bears
  • johnson / jaguars
  • lilja / lions
  • memorial / mustangs
  • kennedy / cougars
  • wilson / wildcats
  • nhs / redhawks

Check Moodle pages to keep up with classroom events, curriculum expectations, teacher schedules and major assignments.


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