Memorial School “Steps it Up!”

Memorial school is “stepping it up”.

They are taking the district wellness goal and giving it legs.  More literally giving it feet as they have implemented a faculty walking initiative.  Utilizing Fit Bit step tracker devices, Memorial School has formed walking teams and set weekly in yearly goals for steps and distance. Elke MacKenzie and Jen Pascarelli have stepped up to chair this initiative and help Memorial improve staff wellness, set achievable goals, and get out and move. The Mayo Clinic has evidence that exercise positively affects your brain. Exercise also boosts feel-good endorphins, release tension in muscles, help you sleep better and reduce levels of the stress.

The Memorial staff is motivated to log enough steps to visit one famous landmark in every state this year.  Combining math, geography, student input, and fun, the Memorial staff is taking wellness to new heights, or should we say new steps.  Students will choose places for the staff to “walk” to.

Pictures from the kick-off meeting where staff unveiled their team names such as “Walk and Roll,” “School of Walk,” and “Holy Walkamoly.”  Mr. Joseph gave an inspirational speech with a video of the children challenging their teachers and the BOKS early exercise program students came by to cheer on their teachers.

IMG_2329 IMG_2331


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