Natick Public Schools: Staff Innovation & Learning Summit, December 1, 2014

Ever wonder what the schools staff do on early release days and professional development days?  Here’s a glimpse into the agenda of these days–which are important for staff learning and sharpening of instructional skills!  Our staff will participate in our annual full-day of professional learning, December 1, 2014, at Natick High School.  This day, formerly known as our “Technology Day,” has now been transformed into the Natick InnovationLearning Summit.  The day’s schedule is here:
Because staff skills continue to deepen relative to technology integration and effective use of technology to enhance pedagogy, we are able to offer content/subject area professional development coupled with technology products and training for enhancing pedagogy.  Our sessions are not just about learning software or cloud-based products–Natick staffers are pushing their ability to deepen and enhance learning using digital tools and pedagogical techniques best-suited to technology.
Our After School Activities Program (ASAP) also participates in professional development on this day to expand their expertise and repertoire for supporting children in the after school forum.  Their training schedule is: 

Supporting Children’s Play, Scott Noyes (90 minutes)

Through understanding the function of play, adults can define their role in children’s most natural learning style. By asking ourselves difficult questions, we can start to comprehend how our involvement helps or hinders children’s discovery of their world. During close, informed, and continuing observation of spontaneous play, adults can learn about each child’s personality, learning style, and preferred mode of learning. This is the groundwork for developing powerful curriculum. Grasping the importance of play sets the wheels in motion for adults to become planners, assessors, communicators, scribes, players, mediators, and stage managers. Filled with stories, this workshop helps all adults understand the significance of their role while children are engaged in the multifaceted exercise we call “play.”

About the Presenter: Scott Noyes has been professionally working, playing, writing and talking about children for thirty years. He teaches a graduate level course in “Challenging Behaviors” and an undergraduate course in “Positive Discipline.” Scott’s background includes being:

  • a primary care provider for abused and neglected children
  • a lead teacher in a parent cooperative
  • a nonprofit childcare center director
  • a state sponsored Child Sexual Assault Prevention trainer
  • a childcare training specialist
  • an Early Childhood Master Professional, workshop trainer endorsement, in New Hampshire
  • a certified instructor for Vermont Northern Lights Career Development Center

Teaching Conflict Resolution and Promoting Pro-Social Behaviors, Katherine M. Begin

This workshop is designed to foster new ways of helping preschool and school age children to problem solve and resolve peer conflicts through the promotion of pro-social behavior. Participants will discuss typical conflict situations that are occurring within their classrooms and programs and as a learning cohort will develop new techniques and strategies for helping children to understand the situation and to develop effective ways to resolve their peer conflicts.

About the Presenter: Katherine Begin is the Executive Director of Prevent Child Abuse Rhode Island (PCARI) in Providence. Her previous experience includes

  • Trainer and Accreditation Facilitation Consultant, Charts-A-Course
  • Executive Director of Mt. Hope Day Care Center Inc
  • Foster Care Coordinator for the Massachusetts Department of Social Services
  • Emergency Services Director for the American Red Cross

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