Natick is Ready For PARCC

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On Thursday evening, the Elementary Principals and Dr. Anna Nolin (Assistant Superintendent of Teaching, Learning, and Innovation) met with Natick families to talk about shifts in the Common Core State Standards, upcoming changes to the ROSP (Report of Student Progress) and the PARCC assessment.   One of our primary goals during this presentation was to help families better understand how Natick continues to prepare students for college and career readiness.

Families can access the presentation which includes links to resources:  Elementary PARCC-CCSS Presentation January 8, 2015.  If you have difficulty accessing the links, you can also find the links here:

Office of Teaching, Learning, and Innovation Website (new!)

PARCC website (roam and explore)

TenMarks website (check with your child or your child’s teacher if you need help logging in)

Parent Toolkit


As many parents are aware by now, Natick students will take the PARCC assessment…

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