Meet The Middle School Robotics Teams at KMS




Photo on 11-18-14 at 2.22 PM


Earlier this year, Ms. Vickery, principal at KMS introduced me to this team of young women and we struck up email correspondence.  Talking and visiting with them made me want to show the Natick community all of the middle school work going on in robotics, design, engineering and computers science that, no doubt, contributes to the interest and success of the NHS program.    The young women introduce themselves as follows:

We are six, 6th grade girls. This year, the team was working on a First Lego League project

(FLL)2014. The question we are trying to answer is how can we improve the way someone learns to do their job more productively ? In other words, we want to change the way someone learns to do their job quicker, and more efficient without making it tedious and exhausting.
 Our names are:
Namitha Alluri
Dafni Suresh
Chaitya Bommu
Kimberly Lugon
Adhvika Arunkumar
And I am Laini Schneider
At our Fall Robotics Competition we took these photos:
And here’s the boy’s team at Kennedy:
Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 10.25.49 PM
The boys came in first in the Core Values Presentation out of 64 teams in their competition this winter. This presentation was for teamwork. They were very proud of their achievement.
Left to right, Oliver Page 5th, Login Knapp 5th, Zach Alexander 5th and Alexander Edwards grade 6.
A newly formed team at Wilson also exists and they qualified for regionals at Worcester placing 6th in the state right out of the gate with their new team.  However, Kennedy’s teams have been longstanding and have qualified each year.  We thought it a great idea to acknowledge the quiet leadership of Tom Stefanini at KMS and Peter Souza at WMS.  Both work hard on robotics at the middle level–and Mr. Stefanini has long worked on this for the middle level!

What are your thoughts?

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