Natick Serves as Lighthouse District for Technology Use at Apple Distinguished School District Event

On Thursday, March 5th, Digital Teaching and Learning was celebrated in Natick at an Open House hosted by Apple Computer for districts all around the Commonwealth.  Natick, awarded an Apple Distinguished Program in 2014, has been recognized with the prestigious distinction and as a leader in how technology is used to support innovative teaching and learning.  This day highlighted Natick’s leadership in the state and nation, and our cutting-edge work in professional development, curriculum and technology implementation.

Over forty guests enjoyed a full day that included a welcome and overview, a teacher panel discussion, lunch with Natick administrators, and classroom tours at Natick High School and Kennedy Middle School where they could ask questions of the students.

The overall response from the day was overwhelmingly positive!

As one attendee wrote,  “We were very impressed with the enthusiasm and commitment of everyone. Your presentations were very enlightening as were the informal conversations that we were able to have off-line with you, your colleagues and students during the day. We took a lot back from our visit that I know we will incorporate into our next steps in moving forward with our initiative.”

Another indicated:  “I learned a ton, and really enjoyed meeting your staff. I particularly enjoyed my visit to Kennedy Middle School. What an impressive place! In each class I visited, the kids were really engaged in their learning, and using their technology in such creative ways. I will likely be connecting with Rosemary again in the future as we roll out our 1:1 iPad initiative.”

Thanks to all of the students, teachers and administrators who were involves with this wonderful day!

OpenHouse2 OpenHouse1

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