Mr. Alfred and Varsity Basketballers Support Skyline Athletes

Recently, number of Natick High School varsity basketball players volunteered to participate in the final practice for Natick’s Skyline basketball program. The program is set up and coordinated by Melissa Carter from the Natick Community Services Department, and it involves many teens and adults with special needs from around the Natick area (including one NHS basketball superfan Jay Nesbitt!).
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Seniors Luke Ryan, Trenton Wright, Andrew Siaba, juniors Chuck Jacobson, Tim Biagi, Kalifa Kone, and freshman Peter Ryan did an amazing job throughout the Skyline team’s practice. The boys played in a live scrimmage and managed to fill all the participants’ days with laughter and fun.
With their smiles and positive attitudes, these upstanding young men brightened up the day for everyone in the Skyline program and represented Natick High’s values well. I couldn’t be more grateful to have coached and worked with them. If you see them in the hallways this week, please give some positive enforcement and encourage them to keep carrying themselves with integrity and kindness!
Finally, a big thank you to Melissa Carter (daughter of Sandy White!) for the opportunity for our student-athletes to participate in and to learn and grow from this experience!

What are your thoughts?

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