Natick Schools: What do they do on those 1/2 day professional development days, anyway?

Leadership Series–a series developed for our district leaders to ensure unity, current training and leadership empowerment.

Here’s a cross section of 10/28/15 Professional Development Day
  • Grade 5 Math and LC 5 math, curriculum discussion. Mathematics RTI blocks, planning, curriculum and training
  • NHS Social Studies at the WWII Museum in Natick: Topic: Effective use of primary sources and historical artifacts for creation of assessment.
  • Grade 5 and LC Math then, Cue Think Training/any remaining time, looking at Common Assessments (Cue Think is a problem solving program that allows student collaboration and deployment of mathematical modeling to solve real world problems)
  • 5-8 Social Studies, Science, ELA and Learning Center/SPED (non math)  (3 hrs)  Close Reading Seminar with Master Teachers, Stacy Gauthier and Ilse O’Brien Wilson auditorium (see photo)
  • IMG_0812 IMG_0813
  • PE/Health:  First steps of Health Curriculum Audit, work on growth assessments
  • Fine Arts:   completion of parent pages in selected areas, development of growth assessments and alignment of key units
  • MS Technology Education/Literacy, Curriculum Tasks
  • Grade 6, 7, 8 Math and LC math –Big Ideas Resource training/math RTI training and coordination with Victoria Ellis of Big Ideas Mathematics
  • 9-12 ELA Academic Merit Training, Writing Calibration and Tuning for Argument Units ( two hours)

  • 1:30 Dr. Nolin joins grade 1 PLC regarding Writing Map Alignment and Professional Development around cognitive approach in grade 1 writing

  • K-4 STEM New Curriculum Implementation overview/Kick off/reading/activity (with Jeff Weinstein and STEM DESE Ambassador’s  program representatives from PK-4)

  • IMG_0815 IMG_0816
  • ELL K-12:  Calendar here

  • K-8 Guidance PLC at Lilja finalize curriculum changes drafted in August.

  • NHS: NHS (1 hour ) NHS school goals and entry plan work led by Brian Harrigan then PLC time

  • NURSES: district wide family flu clinic at BenHem.

  • 8-3pm, Grad point training with selected staff at NHS alt high school conference room (online learning coordinators, alternative high school staff, administrators, METCO tutors)

1 thought on “Natick Schools: What do they do on those 1/2 day professional development days, anyway?”

  1. Love that you do this since it is so important for the community to understand why they are asked to pick their kids up early. I plan to run some photos of the paras training and a description of the STE training in the Preschool eblast next week.

    Happy Halloween. p.s. My fave NHS costumes this year were the Barbie and Ken dolls stil in the boxes complete with the twist ties that make us all curse new toys when we are opening them!

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