Teach Like a Pirate Series

Dr. Sanchioni kicked off the school year with a guest lecture by Dave Burgess, author of the acclaimed book, Teach Like A Pirate.  Dr. Sanchioni urged educators to get back in touch with the passions that drive their teaching–hooking children in the excitementScreen Shot 2015-11-06 at 3.09.31 PM of learning.  The buzz from the staff was high:  the message was clear.  Yes, we will contend with state and federal mandates, but not at the expense of creative, engaging and high-level teaching.

To continue to inspire educators to take innovative risks, Dr. Sanchioni has developed the Teach Like A Pirate program to fund the good ideas emergent from staff taking risks to engage and inspire our students.  Details here.

Dr. Peter Sanchioni, Superintendent, Lilja School Principal Heather Smith, Allison Bennett, Ashley Ghallagher, NEF Master Teacher Fellow, Heather Kozin, Jennifer Dermody and Dr. Anna Nolin, Assistant Superintendent.

To further inspire and celebrate the strong teaching that is a daily reality in the Natick Schools, Dr. Sanchioni and Dr. Nolin will identify projects and teaching that exemplify the high expectations we have for teaching and learning in our system.  We would like to feature a group of Lilja grade 4 teachers who created a project-based lesson on natural disasters as our first featured Pirate Educators.  Here’s the project overview and here are the teachers who made it come to life in an engaging way :  Heather Kozin, Jen Dermody, Ashley Ghallagher and Allison Bennett.  We met them today to honor their work and give them their Pirate eye badges!

Stay tuned for additional teaching and learning updates like this one from around the district!


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