Natick Admin Team Visits WWII Museum Today

Natickprincipals a s select teachers visited the Natick WW II museum in Natick today. Topics discussed included integrating the museum into the 7th grade Facing History curriculum and use of the facility by NHS students and faculty for various courses including the very popular Holocaust course taught as an elective. 

NHS department head, Matt Brenneman, took the entire department to the museum for their most recent professional development early release day. The middle schools will bring both social studies departments for a visit and professional development on use of artifacts in teaching history and in crafting document based questions for student working prompts. 

Dr. Sanchioni and Dr. Nolin have met with museum director, Marshall Carter, to forge an ongoing educational and support partnership. The possibilities to increase student understanding from this multinational representing of WWII are endless.  

All Natick administrators learn at the Natick WWII Museum in Natick today.

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