Scenes from Today’s Natick Innovation & Learning Summit

As you may recall from a recent post, today’s “no school” day for students was a learning day for the entire Natick Public Schools organization.  Here is a list of the offered workshops:

Staff from over 20 other districts representing many New England states attended.  During lunch time, Human Resources Director, Marianne Davis, arranged a wellness fair for staff which included vegan eats, 50 massages, acupuncture, fitness consulting and a variety of other vendors designed to support our staff.

These days are so important to our organization as educators need to stay abreast of current topics, hone their craft and take time to both receive training and reflect on how best to integrate new learning into their daily practices.  Kudos to Director of Online Learning, Grace Magley, the

Staff enjoy the Wellness Vendor Fair/Services during lunch hour.
Wilson MS art teacher, Jess Neel,shows the product of her workshop:  Deep Dive/Art:  “Manipulating Surfaces, Mapping Ideas and Problem-Finding,” a full day workshop for artists.

Innovation Team (steering committee), Dennis Roche, Director of Technology and the technology support team who was out in force to support the NILS summit, the wellness offerings arranged by the KMS Wellness duo of Noel Vigue and David Lyth, and the Collaborative Problem Solving session arranged by Principal Kirk Downing for the district.  The day was a success and we invite you to view the pictures below!  Want to see what staff and attendees from other districts had to say about it?  check out our Twitter BackChannel at #CAPTURENILS or check out Drs. Nolin and Sanchioni’s Twitter feeds @annapnolin and @petersanc.


What are your thoughts?

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