Student Voice: Drama Class Talks to Playwright

By Elli Gurguliatos, 7th grader at KMS.

During drama class one day, Mr. Lane announced that we would be having a different kind of class coming up. We would Skype with the playwright of SPARK, Tom Arvetis. We have been working on this play all trimester in drama class. Everyone wrote down questions to ask, and we discussed topics to bring up. Being part of my school’s drama productions, including plays and musicals, this news was exciting. After getting introduced, classmates were able to go up to the computer and ask Tom Arvetis questions, such as “Did you have any inspirations while writing SPARK?” and “Why did you make this character act that way?” The experience itself gave our class insight and perception on playwriting, acting, and putting on a performance.

SPARK was a show that I connected with on a higher level because of the Skype calls to the person with the most knowledge about it. After about a month of working on the play, blocking, scenes, learning lines and more, we made a second call to Tom Arvetis.  We were able to discuss his plans for the prequel of the show that he is in the process of writing. We were given the chance to give our input, and suggest details. This was an exciting opportunity to say what was on our minds and help an author in the process. As a participant in this class enrichment program, I believe that calling the playwright and talking face to face enhanced the meaning while working on the show.


Elli discusses the play SPARK with playwright Tom Arvetis.


What are your thoughts?

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