Natick Leadership Team Trains on Change Management

IMG_1610The administrative council (principals and district leaders) as well as elementary instructional leaders, literacy specialists and division heads participated in a night mid-year retreat with Dr. Nolin, Assistant Superintendent, last evening.

As part of a year-long training series for all district leaders, the group tackled the idea of cohesively implementing systematic and reflective district-wide change.  The group explored ideas backed by the research of Peter Senge and other change management theorists, and participated in a district change simulation designed to expose the group to challenges and best practices in district unified change practice.

One of the district leaders in his post-game reflection stated:  “The game itself allowed us to participate in district wide change in a safe environment that enabled us to succeed and fail and learn from those successes and especially our failures.  After multiple mistakes of leaving students out of training and learning experiences, my group and myself learned the primary responsibility within a school and district is to our students and all of the stakeholders.  I also learned so much about the process of change and that there are many low cost/risk steps along the way that are easy to overlook but offer great benefits and returns.  It was easy early in the game to get excited about the big picture and making change but without taking on the learning, building and training experiences prior to change it wasn’t going to have the same impact.  When we thought about all the steps in the process we were rewarded with significant growth.

I also really learned from the modeling aspect of this experience.  We talk so much about how we want to model good teaching within the district.  However in the past, often times PD experiences overlooked modeling to present as much information as possible.  This program modeled innovative and experimental teaching methods and paid off with great learning. “
The group will continue  their work with sessions on wellness in the workplace, business strategies with educational application and calibration of evaluators.

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