NHS Teacher Lori Cullen Gains Adobe Accolades

Natick High School technology teacher, Lori Cullen, was recently reaccredited in the Adobe Education Leaders (AEL) Program for a two-year term running from 2016-2018. This appointment is in recognition of Lori’s contributions and leadership as a K-12 educator who effectively and successfully uses Adobe tools and applications to promote excellence in the classroom.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 5.23.58 PM

Lori has worked at Natick High for seven years, where she has taught a number of technology courses providing instruction and skill development on various aspects of web design, digital media, and internet management. Her courses are designed to allow students the ability to build upon their skills working towards her intense Advanced Web Design II course, where she ensures each student becomes certified in Adobe Dreamweaver® CS5 software.


In addition to teaching students how to use technology in the classroom, she has also established the Natick High Web Design Team. This team is comprised of Natick High students with various levels of web designing skills — ranging from introductory to Adobe Certified. Students have been able to apply their skills by completing work orders for businesses in the Greater Boston area, to include the Natick Public School District, Wellesley College, Five Bites Cupcakes, Vanessa Boutique, GPA Plus Solutions, and The Seat Swap.


Beyond working with her students, Lori played an instrumental role in 2012 by helping to prepare her Natick High colleagues for the school’s transition to the one-to-one environment. Lori is thrilled to represent Natick Schools in this role and collaborate with technology educators from across the country.
Please join us in congratulating Lori, this is a great accomplishment for her—and Natick Schools!


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