Annual Arts Extravaganza Event!

On Thursday, March 31st, Natick High School will host the 4th annual, Natick Art Extravaganza! (Read Below Poster!)

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 11.11.05 AM.png

The Art Extravaganza will feature artwork from various disciplines, to include: Choir, Band, Media Arts, Theatre, Visual Arts, Dance and Speech. Student artists from all eight schools—representing various grade levels from elementary to high school—will have their work featured that day.


With the added push to incorporate art and creativity into school curriculum, this celebration will be a great time for all ages. The schedule of events is designed to illustrate the importance of arts programming in our schools by showcasing and celebrating our student artists.


The night begins with an opening reception starting at 5 p.m., in the school library. There will be a number of performances and presentations throughout the evening. Event activities will be distributed across the school library, auditorium and gym.


Students (under the age of 18) will receive complimentary admission; however, a donation of $2 is suggested for anyone over 18 years old.


We hope you’ll come to experience a night of artistic expression with Natick students. It’s sure to be a night that inspires!


**For more information about the Natick Art Extravaganza, please contact Steve Miller**


1 thought on “Annual Arts Extravaganza Event!”

  1. Bravo to the Natick Public Schools and Steve Miller for continuing the Art Extravaganza. The arts are a critical part of every student’s education. Thank you in advance to the teachers and volunteers who participate for going the extra mile for our students.

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