All Aboard the Natick Pirate Ship!

Photo on 12-22-15 at 2.38 PM (2)Avast ye, maties! A new way of teaching has come to Natick—and it’s turning our teachers into pirates!

Across the District, teachers have been implementing a new teaching method, called “pirate teaching,” in their classrooms to support project based learning.

Pirate teaching is a concept derived from Dave Burgess’s Teach Like a Pirate: Increase Student Engagement, Boost Your Creativity, and Transform Your Life as an Educator. This new concept requires teachers to be adventurous and willing to step outside of “teaching as usual.” We’re excited to say that our teachers have embraced this new trend and rejected the status quo, thus becoming “Natick Pirates.”

Natick teachers have been giving old teaching methods the heave ho, transforming teaching—and learning—across the district as a result. Teachers enthusiastically developed exciting, and robust, projects that tap into our students inventiveness, independence, passion and interests.

Photo on 12-22-15 at 2.38 PM

In an effort to support the creativity and enthusiasm of Natick teachers, District administration developed a proposal process to support anyone seeking resources and materials for their pirate teaching lessons and project based learning. Many ideas have begun to come to life and we’ve created a gallery (below) to show the exciting adventures of our Natick pirates.


What are your thoughts?

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