Wilson Math Team Continues to Rise in State Rankings

The Wilson Math Teams had their proudest day in the teams’ history yesterday at Kennedy Middle School.
Wilson Team 1 earned 184 of a possible 216 points, achieving the highest score ever by a Wilson team. Four students earned perfect scores: eighth graders Adham Abji, Emma Koskovich and Ryan Zheng and seventh grader Calvin Smith. The following students earned 16 of 18 possible points: Noah Abji, Dylan Li, Nathan Pravda and Charlotte Verity. All of the students who attended the meet earned points for their teams. It was a fantastic competition all around.   Wilson scored second in this competition only to Weston Middle School out of the 8 competing teams from the region.
Congratulations to all the Math Team members for an outstanding meet and for your hard work all year. There will be a celebration with our sponsor Cognex on May 12
Go Math Team – you can count on us!
A special shout out to teachers Mark Baranoff and veteran math team coach Marylou Randall for this amazing achievement.

2 thoughts on “Wilson Math Team Continues to Rise in State Rankings”

  1. It is so refreshing to hear about the success of the Wilson Math Team. This team is a team with heart. Math team, Math Team…We know we can count on you as there is “strength in numbers”. Thank you, Ms. Randall & Mr. Baranoff for continuing to encourage the love of math.

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