Natick Students Have Tenacity!

Natick High students are all smiles at the 2016 Tenacity Challenge!

On April 2nd, three teams from Natick High students, competed in the 2016 Tenacity Challenge.The LA2 Tenacity Challenge is an annual academic scholarship competition for teams of Latino and African-American students from urban and suburban high schools across Massachusetts.

With a recommended team size of 6 students, this allows for several members of each team to “specialize” in an area of the challenge preparation. Schools may send up to four teams. During the extended period of preparation, students build academic capacity, strengthen intellectual risk-taking and develop enduring peer and faculty relationships. Natick’s teams competed against 33 other teams statewide.

This year, the competition topic area focused on Immigration Policy and Equity. Natick’s teams, named Melting Pot, Narnia, and Galaxia de Sabio, were well prepared, with Team Melting Pot’s history presentation placing in the Top 5.

Each team is thankful for the support from their Tenacity coaches in each main subject area. Ms. Ma and Ms. Conroy supported students in math and science. Ms. Hale and Ms. Crohan supported students in history. Ms. Adams supported students in English literature.  A special thanks to METCO Program Director, Rasheedah Clayton, for her recruitment of staff and students to participate and support this important academic experience.

The competition was a great experience for the students representing Natick High and their coaches. Overall, participants had a great time, and everyone is already looking forward to competing again next year!


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