Portraits with a Purpose

During the first semester of this school year, Natick High School teacher Angela Wong, presented an exciting opportunity to her students taking Drawing & Painting. With the semester project focusing on portraiture, Mrs. Wong decided to offer her students an alternative to drawing a self portrait. This offer was to instead do a portrait of a child from Bolivia for The Memory Project. The Memory Project is a Wisconsin based nonprofit that invites art teachers and students to create portraits for youth around the world who deal with challenges, such as extreme poverty.


Thirteen students participated in drawing portraits for the The Memory Project and created memorable portraits for children abroad. Using various artistic techniques, such as facial anatomy and shading, students employed these skills and completed their portraits in 10 class periods throughout the semester.


All portraits were sent to the Memory Project in early April.  Mrs. Wong was provided with a thankful email from the Memory Project director with a video of the portrait delivery. Natick student’s work is featured at the beginning of the video, with highlights from other participating schools thereafter.


It’s very inspiring to see our students participate in a project to do something nice for someone less advantaged. Additionally, seeing the excitement and appreciation of the children after receiving a gift of art is .  One of Mrs. Wong’s favorite parts of this project was including a photo of her students holding each portrait so the children were able to “meet” their artist.


Overall, participating in this project was an enjoyable experience and Mrs. Wong hopes to do it again with her class next school year!


What are your thoughts?

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