Master Teaching in Action: Understanding Apple Trees

apple-treeSusan Haverstick and Claudia Price were awarded Master Teaching grants by the Natick Education Foundation (NEF) for 2015-2016 academic year. Their grant project focused on researching and learning about apple trees. Recently they completed work with Natick High seniors focused on several topics in Environmental Sciences.


Mrs. Haverstick’s students were allowed to choose their topics ranging from; how apples were brought to America, what is grafting and how is it accomplished, why apples are healthy for us, the life cycle of an apple tree, and how apple blossoms become fruit to name a few. After selecting their topic areas, each student created a presentation to share what they learned throughout the project with their classmates.


In addition to the presentation, students also converted their research into a story book with poems and visual art. Once this was completed, students then shared their book with the students in Mrs. Price’s classroom at the Natick PreSchool.



In conjunction with a project lead by Harvard Fore, students also tracked when trees first began losing their leaves in the fall and when they budded in the spring. This tracking information will be useful in the long term as Mrs. Haverstick’s classes track the growing season of our trees. Diligent tracking will allow her students to look for a correlation between the growing season and shortened winters due to climate change.


Mrs. Haverstick and Mrs. Price both thank the NEF for providing them with the funds to make this collaborative learning experience possible. See below for pictures of the fun with the seniors and preschoolers!