500K in May Challenge is a Success!

Throughout the month of May, NHS Creative Writing students participated in the 500K in May Challenge!

Modeled after the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and Camp NaNoWriMo, the NPS 500k in May Challenge works to encourage and engage students in writing by setting a word-count goal at the beginning of May. Each goal milestone correlates to a grade where 20K = A; 15K = B; 10K = C.  While this task may seem simple, writing 20,000 words in a month not easy!

However, today we are recognizing and celebrating the IMPRESSIVE word-counts all students reached individually and collectively. Some students reached as many as 62,848 words individually, and as a class of 45, they collectively wrote ​883,437, words last month!

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We are exceptionally proud of all the students who participated in the challenge, even if they weren’t able to reach their intended word count. Regardless of the number of words each student wrote, their teacher, Camille Napier Bernstein, made sure that these students learned about themselves as writers, and proved they had the grit and perseverance to complete the challenge.