Makey Makey Highlights Remarkable Natick Teacher

Jed Stefanowicz, a 3rd-grade teacher at Brown School and teacher on special assignment (TOSA) for 2017-2018, was recently recognized in a blog post by the online software provider, Makey Makey.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 2.49.13 PM.pngAs a technology coach for teachers in the district, Jed will be working with colleagues across all five elementary schools to guide, instruct, and support them in their efforts to innovate how technology is used in their teaching practice. As a district leader on technology integration in the classroom, Jed has employed the use of various software products that contribute to an enhanced teaching and learning experience. Makey Makey is one of the products he uses to teach his students using technology. As an ambassador for the product, Makey Makey recognizes Jed as a leader on their product.


A student in Jed’s class during station rotations.

Over the past year, Brown School principal, Kirk Downing, has been cultivating a relationship with a school in Beijing, China and asked Jed to spend April vacation in China to help promote STEM learning and practices with two schools. This STEM learning week consisted of three days of keynote speakers, workshops, and hands-on STEM rotation stations, with lesson planning time for participants. During this learning week, Jed set up a Makey Makey station for participants to explore during the station rotations.


Read more about how Jed used Makey Makey during his visit to China, here.