Girls Who Code, Girls in Stem STEM, and AP Computer Science Hit the Road!

Girls Who Code, Girls in Stem STEM, and AP Computer Science Hit the Road!

A line of students sit at a butcher block table while working on various craft assignments.

Road Trip!  On December, 3rd, the Girls Who Code club, Girls in STEM and AP Computer Science,  traveled to Cambridge for a tour and exploration activity in The Garage, a makerspace area for innovation and creativity, located at Microsoft in Cambridge.  The girls were invited to explore the space – stepping into a different world in the Reality Room, creating 3d scans that could be used for modeling or 3d printing and trying their hands at button making.   The Garage at Microsoft is solely for creative purposes with equipment and materials of all kinds, including a sewing machine, drills, 3d printers, wires and connectors, textiles, paper, plastic, wood, ink, laser cutter, and hand tools.   Employees are encouraged to try things – make snowflakes on the laser cutter, custom print on golf balls, or create custom objects to be used for family gifts.  Any creative outlet is allowed!

A student in a dark blue hoodies with white strings and another student behind him in a grey shirt with black knee boots stand in a room with a long bench, circle rug, large bookcase, with blue lighting behind it while they use the VR headset.

Our visit ended with a tour of the office – a truly collaborative and team-oriented workspace with infinitely configurable office furniture and with flexible work areas with places for conversation, games, food and comfortable seating.

A student in a red shirt with blue denim standing in a room with a large screen TV and desk top computer while she uses the VR headset.

Thanks to Microsoft for this opportunity – the visit sparked conversation about technology, internships, and the progress women are making in the STEM workplace.  Thanks to Alyce Burnell, advisor of the Girls Who Code club, for organizing the trip and the Natick parents who reached out and invited the club for a visit – we truly appreciate it!

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