Achieve Students Support Natick Service Council

On Wednesday, January 23rd, we had an opportunity to shadow some of our Achieve students as they completed volunteer work at the Natick Service Council (NSC). Achieve & Natick Schools has partnered with NSC in an effort to provide support to the organization while providing students with the opportunity to skill-build and develop work experience.

Assistant Superintendent of Student Services, Tim Luff, joined the students and took time to learn more about the work that they’re doing at the NSC. Students reported that their favorite part of the work is feeding the expired bread to the pigs, at the organic farm—in addition to gaining job experience.

This partnership has been very successful and is providing a valued service in the community since NSC relies heavily on volunteer work. Students assist in stocking shelves, organizing donations, and preparing expired food for composting.

We are also pleased to report that an Achieve student who previously volunteered at NSC, was hired part-time to work for the organization following his time volunteering in the program.

What are your thoughts?

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