Natick Students to Perform at the MMEA 2019 Conference

Exciting news from the Music Department—six Natick students have been accepted to the 2019 MA Music Educator Association All-State Music Festival.

Adelaide Braunhill, bassoon
Owen Goldner, trombone
Amber Lavoie, alto vocal
Julia Reinach, soprano vocal
Nicole Massa, soprano vocal
Vinith Yedidi, clarinet

These acceptances are a huge honor and a testament to the high-level work these students are doing in private studios and school ensembles, under the direction of their passionate band and choir instructors.

They will represent Natick from February 28-March 2 at the festival during the Massachusetts Music Educators Association (MMEA) 2019 All-State Conference, held at the World Trade Center in the Boston Seaport.

These students won’t be the only ones to represent Natick at the conference and festival. We’re pleased to announce that the Wilson Winds were selected to perform at the 2019 MMEA All-State Conference as a part of the Thursday, Feb. 28th Concert Hour beginning at 1:15 PM! Their instructor, Scott Morrill, submitted a video of their performance for consideration and the group was selected with as one of the ensembles to perform.

Congrats & great work!

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