Natick Students Dazzle at the LearnLaunch Student Innovation Showcase!

Natick Middle and High School students and their teachers showcased innovative Project Based and STEM learning at the LearnLaunch Across Boundaries conference at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston on Friday, February 1st.  This annual conference brings together hundreds of K-12 educators, higher ed, ed tech companies, and venture capitalist from around the country to share innovative practices. As part of the showcase, both teams of students had to do a one minute pitch to the crowd to draw interest in their booths.  Both Natick teams did an outstanding job!

At Booth 11 the Wilson Middle School team showed how they create digital portfolios, with tools like GSuite for Education and SeeSaw. Students create their own ePortfolios throughout the year to help them to expand beyond just what is learned by allowing them to constantly reflect on their work for continuous improvement.  

The Natick HS Team also impressed the crowd with how they use a program called Desmos to create art drawings using advanced math equations from their pre-Calculus class and then taking those drawings to import to TynkerCad to create the art on 3D printers.  This project gets students to apply higher level math concepts to create unique art pieces and do some computer coding as well! Really Awesome!

What are your thoughts?

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