Fab Friday for KMS Sixth-Graders

On May 17, six 6th-grade students participated in Dig It. Fab It. Make It. 2019 where they showcased products they conceptualized, designed, and assembled to solve everyday problems.  They attended with their teacher, Karin Cloutier (formerly Knapik) who is an Instructional Technology Teacher at Kennedy Middle School. The products developed by this group are inventive and we should mention that they were the youngest in attendance as the only middle school students. Check out the descriptions and image gallery below!

Students and their products:

Maya Fortune & Charlotte Austin (team) Weekly Clothes Clip (WCC)
The problem the weekly clothes clip is addressing is that when you are packing and using a suitcase all your clothes and outfits get mixed around while traveling. When some people pack, they organize their clothes into outfits for each day, the WCC prevents the outfits from getting all mixed around while you are traveling by either plane, car, train, etc. The WCC keeps your clothes in outfits by clipping them together in your bag. The clips have all seven days of the week, so you can not only organize the outfits but when you will wear them.

Ava Czech Broken Binder Ring Repair
After you use your binder for a while the rings stop aligning, causing them not to close properly and sometimes your papers even fall out! My invention is a sleeve that fits over the ring and keeps them aligned and in place.

Natalie McDonough Power Strip Power Cover
When another kid in my class accidentally hit the power button on the power strip that our 3D printer was plugged into, it turned off in the middle of an eight-hour print (and we were six hours in). I talked with our teacher and decided that I would design a cover to go over the switch to protect it so this wouldn’t happen again!

Ry Napurano (individual) Spinny Thingy
The problem addressed is boredom. Boredom is a problem because every kid and sometimes adult suffers, Right!? I created a desktop spinny thingy that kids (or adults) can play with at their desk.

Morgan David (Individual)3D Raft/Build Plate Separator
Sometimes it is difficult to remove the raft from the build plate. Sure you can use a spatula but these often rip the blue tape used to protect the build plate. The 3D Raft/Build Plate Separator removes the raft with the goal of preserving the tape.

What are your thoughts?

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