Natick Receives Community Donations from Cognex!

Natick PS has a strong working partnership with Cognex, and annually applies for donation (grant) funding through their Community Donations Program. Cognex has a mission to give back to the communities where their offices are located, and donations received through this program work to initiate, support, or enhance innovative teaching and learning in our schools.

Students in the 6th-grade Life Science classes are engaged in a multitude of STEM activities, and this donation will work to further support this teaching and learning in the 2019-2020 school year.

This year, Kennedy Middle School received two donations totaling $8,000!

Project Name:       3D printer for Life Science class
Amount Received     $5000

Cognex has been a strong supporter of our middle school math teams, and this year is no different.

Project Name:       Math Team
Amount Requested:     $3000

At Kennedy Middle School, 20 to 30 students in grades 5 through 8 participate in the math team from September through April. Students meet with coaches once each week to learn new skills, practice problem solving strategies, encourage one another, build camaraderie, and prepare for competitions. Once a month, the math team meets with 5 other local teams to compete in the IMLEM (Intermediate Math League of Eastern Massachusetts). Individual students compete in quick 10 minute rounds, in the following categories: Algebra, Geometry, Number Theory, and Arithmetic.

The donation from Cognex goes to bus transportation to each competition, IMLEM dues, snacks for team members, t-shirts for team members, hosting the other schools once a year, and an end of the year celebration.

In addition, Cognex’s donations go beyond monetary contributions. This spring, we were contacted by Cognex about our interest in receiving 3D printer donations for our high school STEM activities. This donation was a tremendous show of support and thoughtfulness from our community partner to our students and educational programming.

Thank you to Cognex for this support. We look forward to continued partnership!

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